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Towbar mounted motor platform ?


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And just in case it can't be found, my personal recommend is for the Thule version. I know that 'Slim' rates an alternative.

I picked up my Thule second hand off that well known auction site, and then just screwed on a piece of ply. Onto the ply I screwed four small blocks of wood that stop the bottom of the motor sliding around. The motor is then secured with two car 'lap belt' style seat belts from the 'A' frame, although anything similar would do.

Rock solid, 'A' frame folds to access tail gate of 4x4, will support loads more than quoted max weight (i.e. standing on it). You can get into your motor while on the platform, which for me is easier than standing up with it at the moment.

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Surrey-Dad now your hooked are you going to get any training :?:

There's no feeling quite like it when your feet leave the ground :o:?:D



Hi Alan - YES !!!!

Actually I got in contact with Simon as soon as I got back from my recent holiday in France - having had a paramotorist fly over me and along the beach at sunset. Awesome sight, and must have been even better from his vantage point.

Then managed to get to the Skycar talk at the RGS, which stoked my interest still further.

Having read most of the forum threads since then, plus view just about every YouTube and Vimeo movie clip, I am totally hooked on the idea - and haven't even put a harness on yet !

No doubt like many of you at my stage, I am dreaming of that moment of getting my feet off the ground. But thanks to the folks here (especially the likes of Norman) I realise how much I need to learn first. But it doesn't stop me dreaming though... :wink:

I am planning to be at the Flagpole on Saturday morning to finally meet Simon and hopefully some of the other regulars, and see what is really involved first hand.

Having said that my 'Fly Another Day' video arrived this morning (thanks Simon), which I am currently watching for the second time. For newbies like me it gives a great insight into some of the highs, lows and challenges of the sport.

All I have to do now is (a) save up the £££'s for the kit I am going to need, and (b) work out how I am going to sell it to my better half :P

Are you planning to join in on the trip next April over in your neck of the woods ?

Best regards,


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Regarding the towbar platforms...

Phil Jennings (on this forum as pjennings) has started making these "Para Racks" just for paramotors...

He's on the first few prototypes at the moment, to make sure measurements are all correct for different models, but basically they include a rod going through the cage to lock it (with a padlock) to the platform so that you can leave the motor on the car unguarded (at least for a while).

Give him a shout...he's planning on producing them soon to sell and they are much better than a generic tow-bar platform.

(I need commission for this Phil!) :lol:

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