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Paramotor Training SteveP

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My First flight with a paramotor

So ,Was today going to be the day or not? Today was that day, The day that I had been waiting for, the day that I had been pestering Simon our instructor for. Those weeks of looking up at the sky and checking out the clouds and the wind and the hours spent in the Windsor Great Park doing the ground handling, phone calls to Simon about the weather and advice paid off. "Im ready" I said. "Ground handling with the motor on " says Simon with a crafty grin "You might even get airbourne later on" ( we had already done a dummy run with his Parajet a few days earlier)

Now armed with my brand new Parajet, all checks done, I forward launch the wing, which comes up straight into wind, "Put the power on" Simons voice over the radio crackles in my ear, "Full Power"! I squeeze Full Power on and ........suddenly I am running (propelled really) over the field and my legs go light, a quick touch of brakes and my legs leave the ground and Im airborne - I keep a little brake on. Wooooooo00000W - I'm climbing fast into wind under full power, I remember to breathe. After a short while I am too buzzed with adrenalin to think about turning until Simon voice on the radio "Well done mate" then adds... "you are going quite far, you might want to think about a nice gentle turn."

I look down and back to see where I have come from and dawns on me how high I am, I can see landscape and fields but where has THE field gone? I nervously pull on the right brake slightly and feel the wing respond with a gentle turn and after a long slow glorious turn, I look down I spot the line of cars and jeeps and somesone wing in a crescent on the ground - I only feel slight relief, as I say to myself out loud "OK, thats the field, all you need to do now is get yourself down there." Simon comes back on the radio " Looking good" I am much faster now as Im turning into downwind and I decide to keep the throttle half on and I am whizzing over farms and tiny cows. A large circle over the beautiful landscape later, Simon on the radio suggests that i try to to get into the seat, I slowly find the magnets to put my brakes up, I gingerly edge myself in and realize how comfortable it is when I (eventually) get in and suddenly it feels like I'm flying an armchair.

I widely approach the field for landing, guided in by Simon, I cut the motor, I find myself strangely confident as I line myself up with the field and the windsock. It seems like I am coming in fast, so pull a touch of brake to slow slightly until my feet are about 5 foot off the ground then I pull the brakes down sharply and it seems like I stop in midair like a big bird, my boots lower and kiss the ground like old friend and I'm standing - Grinning like a nutter thats just been let out of an asylum, I forget about my wing above and It makes a complete dogs dinner of bringing itself down in a big whirling mess but I dont care. I am buzzing. Simon and Colin come over to congratulate.

Couple hours later, Im still grinning and after a chat with the lads and a couple of phone calls, i ask Simon if I can go up for my second flight, Simon explains to me how to adjust to full trim, I pull the trim out while Im up there (approx 1000 foot) and Im belting along, enjoying myself so much that that I pull the trim back in past zero to the very slowest setting (2/3)and I feels a bit odd as I approach the field , I dont quite line up into wind properly and land a bit strangely like a german stormtrooper but I dont fall over. Yippee!

Special thanks to Simon for all his patient instruction and to Colin, Dan and the Guys, I cant wait to get up again.

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Steve thats excellent news, well done buddy. I reckon you have just got the record for the shortest training time as it wasnt very long ago when you popped up for a taster day (Sept 9th?) !!

I bet you will have a grin that lasts a month, and the kids will get the same bed time story every night :lol:

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