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East Lothian & Edinburgh needs a PPG Club

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Any flyers out there from Edinburgh or East Lothian to set up a club in this neck of the woods?

I'm fom down Souf, but have flown here.

How far are you from Gullane? where my mate also saw Piers.

I'm there again in a month and so, PM or email me you want to meet?



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Good effort mate!!

If your flying a paramotor at 80 years old, I think we can safely say that you are the UK's oldest PPG Pilot!

I hope I am still flying at 80 years old thats for sure!! :-)


Welcome to THE Paramotor Club.


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Are there any 2 seater Paratrikes in Scotland?

I am wanting to " try before I buy "

I will admit that I have considered Paramotor's as being too flimsy for me but have an extremely weird desire to get into Paratriking


I do find Paramotor's exciting to watch, but not something I could get into as my fitness levels at 53 make me prefer ' wheeled ' take off's so Paratriking is what I need to try :acro:

I am looking to join the PMC :explode::wingover:

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We fly microlights from a field SW of Edinburgh Airport & in previous years have seen Paragliders & Paramotors flying from the Hill End Hill above the Ski slopes.

Not seen many recently in that area, but I am sure they must still be there.

I am sure if anybody was to ' land out ' at our site the welcome would be great ;-)

Whilst we would welcome anyone, we are inside Edinburgh Airspace so a Radio is Mandatory.

There is a lot of Paramotor activity around Linlithgow & sometimes Polmont.

One of the flyers from Linlithgow is an extremely colourful chappie & it wouldn't surprise me if he is the only holder of a PMC Night Rating



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