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H&E R120 with brand new engine.

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I have just received my refurbished H&E R120 and am considering selling it. It has the 17 ltr fuel tank and with me uses 4.3 ltrs and hour, I weigh 100kg naked. Tempted to keep it as a spare because it looks so nice now I have cleaned it up so will describe it here first and see what response I get.

H&E R120 refurbished, new head barrell bearings crank case seals etc. Hasn't been started or run in yet. (Pull start)

New harness earlier this year, large. Old harness included size medium and still good.

New reduction drive (£220) with the other reduction drive refurbished and as good as new. (thats £440 worth)

New exhaust this year (new type) supposedly more power but I didn't notice it. Old exhaust still ok and can be used as spare.

New throttle assembly, can be fitted left or right handed. The old one still ok but needs new stop button.

New spare pull start mechanism. Bought it thinking the old one would break but never did.

New spare clutch. Thought the clutch might wear out but not even half way worn yet.

New rubber mountings for exhaust and engine.

3 spare props. one brand new the other 2 used but no damage other than small marks dinks.

Probably a few other spare bits but I havn't gathered all of them together yet.

I have had this from new and first flew it on 08/04/2006. Every flight it has ever had has been by me and has been logged; as has all maintenance including even spark plug changes. Load bearing bolts are regularly changed and logged and I hold spares for them. I have changed the marine type shakle attachment pins with M6 stainless bolts making it easy to change them.

Bad Bits:

The cage is a bit wonky from an event on 18th August 2006. The cage is stainless and with a bit of bending could look better but I have never bothered. It could probably do with one of the welds on the cage re-welding but it has been like this since August 2006 and I have flown well >200 hours with the cage like it. Ive cleaned all the cage and frame up and being stainless looks lovely again.

It has a 17 ltr tank which has a bit of a crease in it from when I fell over on take off Feb this year but is good as new.


This is a brand new engine, has not even been started and needs running in. Just putting info on here and see what response I get before I decide if I will keep it. Please send private mail if you might be interested or if you want more info. I can put phots in album if required.



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Hey Whitters, who did the refurb work ? am tempted to take some spares off you however mine seems to be doing ok and like you I don't want to buy stuff that I won't end up needing.....

H&E Madrid Spain did the refurb. H&E are the only people, other than me that has done anything to this motor. It started loosing power and white smoke which indicates worn out engine. Not suprised really after 250 hours of hard flying at my weight.



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