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RE: G'day from Australia.

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Where in Aus are you from? are there many more of you ovedr there or are you alone....

Welcome to the site :D


Thanks SimonW,

Originally from Sydney I now live about 80 k's East of Manilla,(as the Crow Flys-"07" PG World Championships) in the Mountains and I fly on my own no one else to fly with too scared,after what happened to me there are a few others but they are a fare way apart and I don't see them.


Warwick :D

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Hey Warwick,

How about some pictures of your part of the GAFA. I will see if I can find you on Google Earth.

Quite a lot of people fly alone in this game it seems. A poll in the US put it at around 51% of their pilots tend to fly by themselves. Interesting....

Anywhere close mate? How about a Lat/Long?


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