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Club membership?

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You mentioned a while back that you would be looking at inviting people for membership to your club. What would this involve? Presumably some sort of payment (seems quite reasonable!) but would it then allow use of your field at any time? I'm often travelling the M4 and it might be nice to have access to a field if the whim took me as I was passing - I rarely can predict when it'll be but being able to fly without giving notice would be very attractive.



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Dave, nice to see you in the forum mate and not waisting your time in france :lol::lol:

Ok the Club fees

Membership is £60 for a year. You can join by clicking the link below (the long messy one) this will take you to paypal which will set up a subscription payment which will come out every year until you tell it to stop.


Cheque, Cash, or wine.

Why join

You can use the field 'most of you have see' park your car, and fly when ever you like (some site restrictions apply) the main one being no flying before 10:00 unless pre arranged, and direction of flight below 2000ft.

We aim to arrange events, like the dartmoor trip as much as possible.

Those who have been here and seen the vibe will know why it is worth joining more than me I suspect. :roll:


I should add you will be getting a car pass, and I will be policing the memberships NON members will pay with there cars I have a tractor nuff said

https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_xclick-subscriptions&business=simon%40supportbritain%2ecom&item_name=1%20Year%20membership%20to%20the%20Lambourn%20Paramotor%20Club&item_number=1yearmembershipLambournParamotorClub&no_shipping=1&no_note=1&currency_code=GBP&lc=GB&bn=PP%2dSubscriptionsBF&charset=UTF%2d8&a3=60%2e00&p3=1&t3=Y&src=1&sra=1 :wink:

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Hi Simon

What will the day rate be if you are not a member?

When do you think you will get the grass seed down?

will this then stop the use of the site untill the grass is established and if so is there anywhere else to use other than the long grassy bit by the trees?


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Hi Pete,

We have decided that we will not be having a day rate as such. We will be starting to charge people when we have open days maybe £2 a visit or something silly just to build up a bit of a club pot for the members X-mas party e.t.c but visiting pilots will be asked to join if visiting often.

As far as site, seed take off e.t.c

The site that we have all used it there for us to use as it is now. Farmers being farmers, you know what they can be like but...... I have been assured that the seed for the 'main site' will be down next week, and will take 6 weeks to grow but can be used after week 2

After this point, the site we are using now will be getting seeded and we move to our main site. then we can hop between the two.

Also, as part of the www.paramotorclub.org thing, we aim to have another site in another location north of here up and running before the end of the summer. Paid up members will be able to use this as well.

Hope this answers your questions.

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£60 for year round use of a site is peanuts I'm afraid.

I recently had a chat with a club who are looking to start another Paramotor club an hour north of Lambourn.

Yearly cost would be £160. Plus lots of flying restrictions due to other operations on the site.

Another in a similar area is £125 per year or £5 per day.

Lambourn is great value.

Just my opinion.... but then simon has already had my cheque.


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I'd agree that it's good value. I'm not yet sure if I'm going to join as I live the wrong side of the England/Wales border so fuel and tolls are a big factor and there's two of us so it does become a little expensive for us.

If I was more local than I would join like a shot. Simon is offering a very good deal. Bite his hand off!


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Hello all. Just found this site and was delighted to find out that Lamborn is only a half hour drive from me. £60 sounds like an absolute bargain to me! Especially if there will be more than one site!

For the meeting this coming weekend 26-27 can I come along and fly before paying my dues? Happy to pay a day rate/fee thing. I personally think it ought to be about a fiver a day to give an incentive to pay the £60 ASAP.

If all that is doable how would I go about finding the field?



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Fortunatly I managed to get a couple of fligths in this week, unfortunatly to avoid the common problem of catching aids (aviation inflicted divorce) I shall be taking the other half out.

hope it all goes well and the weather stays kind.

What time is does it start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:twisted:

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You can arrive from 09:00 but no flying can take place untill 10:00hrs.

Our NOTAM is covering us from Sunrise, until Sunset on both Sat and Sun to 2500ft and 5km for 'Intense Paramotor Activity'

The word you are looking for to describe your relationship 'issues' (for want of a better word) is that you need to do some 'Wife Maintinance' I think :D:D

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