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I finally got into the air...


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...about 60ft in wrong direction, through the barbed wire fence and into the other field!

One bent titanium frame, three carbon props destroyed, all clothes wripped. One extremely damaged ego!

So, sorry to everyone, especially Alistair who's day I ruined...and Simon for the minor scuffs on the parajet!

I'm off to get the rope and find a nice high beam!!!!

On the plus side, Dave finally got into the air so congrats (any chance I can borrow your motor for some practice...)!

Ben the fence magnet

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Sorry pete, didn't see you post in there.

I wasn't directly into wind to start, then mind went blank. Something freaked me out for some reason, but don't know what (fear, trepidation, who knows. My ex says it's because i've always been afraid of commitment). I kept thinking I was going to get pulled back and hit the cars...and trees...and fence...which actually then caused me to do just that. Self fulfilling prophecy I guess. I literally just froze. I know what to do in that situation but just didn't do it. It didn't help that I didn't commit fully on the power, I staggered it initially which started the ball rolling (well, it was me rolling actually).

I was under instruction, with Simon. He was on the radio telling me what to do, but my hands just weren't doing it! Then it all happened a bit too quick with the crosswind, what with the trees and barbed wire. I guess it was the impact that bent the frame, which then hit the props during the 180 over the fence.

So, nobody to blame but myself. Just gotta get back on that horse...when I get the bill for the repairs to Simons motor...

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Sorry pete, didn't see you post in there.quote]

The post above was for welder,Please answer

But I did ask what happened

We have all been there so dont worry too much just remember to block all negative thoughts out and keep thinking about what you are doing/going to do and 100% commitment that you are going to take off.

Pete b

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