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splash show


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That's a top idea!

All we need is the logo (as above) with your name printed on.

may look a little odd, but a great way to make sure we hook up!

I have a load of T-shirts that members can HAVE when they turn up and put on which would help?

I will have my Tip to Tip T-shirt on and be next to the SkyCar / Parajet stand.


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If anyone from the club is going, at least show somehow that you are a PMC member, and make a point of looking out for others to say hello.

Logo printing, and sticking on somwhere is a great and simple idea.


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I'll whip up a 'template' paramotorclub badge tomorrow so people can print out and adorn their jacket with. I could even bring those little badge holder jobbies...

But, a t-shirt would be great Simon. Also, I want a paramotorclub car sticker...


If you could knock up a few of those that would be ace!

I am happy to pay if you can get them done and sent in time for the show? I will then have them with me at the SkyCar stand and people can pick them up as they arrive.


I have a few car stickers left I will bring some. ( I am going to get more done soon )



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OK, will do Simon. Thinking about it now, might be better to print directly onto a sticker. You can then just have a few sheets and dish them out when needed. I'll add the name for those who have confirmed in this thread, then i'll give you some blank ones and anybody else can just write their name on.

Easy. Hopefully we're gonna be with you on Saturday so will bring them along.

Or is it all a bit poncy having name badges?


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A name sticker is a great idea - I can stick it on my handbag.

.............................Oops! Did I just think that out loud??? :oops:

Seriously though, I will be there on the Sunday and think that badges/stickers will work nicely to allow us to spot each other.

Best regards,


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