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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought it might have been removed because he had died, but the muppett (Kevin Kearney) is recovering and says that he would do it again. Keep watching the news as darwinism would indicate that he will probably find another spectacularly stupid way of topping himself!

Hope he doesn't take up paramotoring!

Still available to view here (embellished with 911 recordings) -


Best regards,


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Maybe we all push the boundaries sometimes? and if we get away with it we either recognise we went too far and back off or we say "I have extended my envelope".

I know some guys who would agree with this. Sometimes you do it to prove a point or get a job done, sometimes just for the thrill. At the moment my "kneck is wound right in" but I will no doubt push the boundaries again sometime. I will not qualify for the Darwin award as I have already contributed considerably to the gene pool, but I hope I get remebered not for my last great folly!

We are all at the mercy of the element we take liberties with, just flying at all is un-natural for mortals.

In the end "probability" wins and will take some of us before we get to vegetate in an old folks home. I hope I'm one of them.


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