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Is the stig on a Parajet?

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Is the stig still the stig, as in Perry whats-his-face the old formula 1 driver or Ben Collins? Did they change drivers with the change of jumpsuit??

I would imagine that whenever 'The Stig' does something along these lines, they just put a professional in the specific area in the jumpsuit and pass them off as 'The Stig'...or maybe not.

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So I wonder which one is the Flying one??

I have met Mr Hill before a few times and he say's " you will never get me up in one of those things!! "

So we can write him off.


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How long are you all going to keep this up before someone lets it slip :wink:

Some secrets are best kept by everyone thinking they know the truth ;-)

In this case, those of us who do know the truth are thoroughly enjoying it.

For the rest? The Stig arrived in a blacked out 4x4 and left in it. It's all you need to know :lol:

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I have it on good authority that the Stig landed EXACTLY where he was asked to first time - and spot on the spot! One take, one flight.

Some Stig and multi-talented at that. Ben, I think if you reveal who the Stig is to your mates they kill you. Or worse, they treat you as insecure and won't use you again....

Sounds like it was a grand day out.... :wink:

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