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  1. Yeah, Boris really needs to sort out those moobs.....
  2. Wonder where the mode S transponder will bolt on.
  3. Use a Bolero plus XL (Lardar5e size) which came over with me from hill flying on the increasingly rare occasions I get out. Easy to groundhandle, stable in flight and nice and slow takeoff speed which is just as well given the state of me. However in flight it is not the fastest wing - more a conveyance for the gentleman paramotorist who is not in a tearing hurry to get anywhere! Very comfortable on landing. I retrofitted a set of power risers and adjusted the brakes accordingly but no sudden unexpected Tessla-style acceleration discovered.
  4. Would concur with the recommendation to free fly first (or as well). Some entertaining vids from Andy Stocker
  5. mouse cursor on the picture, RH mouse click, 'save picture as...' and save it somewhere on your PC such as 'my documents|my pictures|wingover.gif' or similar. Can then jsut drop it into your emails (as long as it is an email system that allows it, such as outlook, windows vista mail etc
  6. could divide the map of the Lleyn peninsula into scale 100m x 100m squares and "....use your skill and judgement to place your X in the square..." you think it will happen. Not so much 'spot the ball' as 'spot the crater'? However, they do say that admitting you have a problem with something is the essential first step towards resolving it and at least by coming clean shaggy has prompted reminders of the steps we should all take every time (and of course everyone does. Everyone. Every time.) to ensure our and others' safety. You can't repeat good advice too many times!
  7. gallar

    Swine flu

    gettin' even more serious according to this
  8. Not forgetting non-standard 'special build' non-type approved roadworthiness assessment - or alternatively getting some gadger to walk in front with a suitably red flag!
  9. Ze ol' French onion-seller used to come over to England wiz 'is onions by boat. To know when it was the right day to catch ze ferry, 'e would wait for the cry of "to the water, it is time!" Or as zey say en Francais: "A l'eau, c'est l'heure!" haw-he-haw!
  10. Matthew 7.7 (or if you prefer, Luke 11:9)
  11. The font is called BASE_02 (and it is a free font) see here: http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Base_02.htm Timothy Taylor's Landlord will do!
  12. The Hydrogen Peroxide approach appears to be a good way of getting a rather immediate burst of power. Until the advent of nuclear propulsion covered the requirement for fast submarine propulsion without dependency on access to the atmosphere, the Kriegsmarine and later the Royal Navy (and others) experimented with submarines using HTP propulsion systems. These were seriously fast - the fastest things under the oggin until the soviet alphas (50+ knots. tiny hull, nuclear reactor with molten sodium coolant. yikes. luckily deaf as a post and really noisy) appeared a decade or two later. However, these HTP submarines (HMS EXPLORER, HMS EXCALIBUR) were generally referred to as the 'Exploder' class. Wonder why..... HTP propulsion systems do exist today, mostly in weapons systems! Jetpack it is then..........
  13. One of the reports in The Daily Mash suggests that Amanda Holden may be involved in the phenomenon....
  14. Pegasus said: yeah, what did happen to Speaker Martin....?
  15. Oh mockers, open your minds to the truth! If with each crop circle glyph you carefully measure the radius in centimetres of every circular arc and the inter-origin distance in the ovoid arcs, sort them into the right order, multiply each one by the amount claimed for second planet allowances by the MP in whose constituency the fields in which the glyph appeared are, translate that into audible frequency range, save it as MP3 and then play it during a full moon, the ghostly sound of John Lennon's voice murmuring "Paul was the creative one actually" can be heard. Spooky, I know but THE TRUTH, prob'ly, regardless of what the nay-sayers say! (Not to be confused with the neigh-sayers who are of course horses. Or former pupils of Rodean).
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