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South-End-On-Sea+CAA maps

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Hi there! I'm hoping someone out there can help me out with a question. I'd like to know if someone might have a scan or maybe a CAA e-map of Southend-on Sea and the surrounding areas if they are flyable. Also if it is, what height restrictions might be applicable.

I know there is an airport there but don't know what kind it is: ie light or heavy traffic.

Thanks for any help :D offered.


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Togsie. Thanks for trying dude! Nice of ya. But all I see is London. I think the resoloution is all messed up as it looks scewed. If you could post a downloadable *.jpg that would be better. If not, no worries.

Thanks again,


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Hi Dave

The map takes a while to download 1st time and you will have to scroll accross, but Southend is there along with the relevant airspace data.

If this is your local area, I would highly recommend driving to Southend airport and having a chat with one of the flight schools there. They share our passion for flying and so once they hear of your intentions will probably be happy to talk you through the local airspace on one of their air maps. They will probably even have a spare one that you can buy!

http://www.southendairport.com/pages/learning_fly.htm (trial flights £99? Pah, that's 7 tanks of fuel/10 hours in my Parajet!)

Would probably only take an hour out of your day and would definately be educational.

Best regards,


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