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Battery Charger for Bailey

Pilot Paul

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I'm stumped on this connector, I have seen them before but cant identify.... you could cut the heat-shrink off to see if there is any ID markings on it or you could charge it fitted to the motor using the blue pug you showed showed us in another thread (after checking it is in the battery circuit)
Assuming it is a sealed gel battery, a charger with a gel setting.... <14v seems to be a safe voltage for gel (up to 14.8v on wet lead batteries) but double check :) 

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50 minutes ago, Pilot Paul said:

It’s all getting complicated 🤪 I’m reluctant to cut the heat shrink as that’s a brand new battery from Bailey and cost a fortune! You think they would cover this stuff in the manual! 

The battery I have is knackered , I’ll take heat shrink off have a look , 

just so it’s clear , don’t use lead acid car battery charger , your battery is gel filled, not liquid electrolyte ( rain water😁)

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1 hour ago, Pilot Paul said:

It’s all getting complicated

If you make mistakes, your battery might have a shorter life than is necessary.
Open wet lead acid batteries can typically take more abusive charge voltages/current because it is easy to top them up when they inevitably gas, sealed wet lead batteries cannot be topped up and Gel batteries can form permanent bubbles in the gel if charged with higher voltages/higher current.
A SLOWER longer charge over a fast short charge is less harsh on lead acid batteries.... All three types are likely to read around 12.6v when fully charged (after they have sat idle for a few hours)

If you are charging with a programmable RC charger..... both of mine allow me to set max current and voltage.
IF I was in your position, I would limit the current to 2.0A 14.0v and make sure it didn't get too warm during charging... if it gets warmer than I am comfortable with, I would drop the current for a slower longer charge (I have the IMax B6 charger and Turnigy Accucell 6 // both very similar chargers)
BUT, that is what I would do... Others might have better ideas :) 

Edited by Blackburn Mark
Spelling :)
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