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New to sport st ives Cambridgeshire

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Hi Mick, and welcome to the Paramotor Club! :-):-)

Your best bet is to log in and check out the members map (link below)


There are LOADS of people on there who have added a rough location, you can contact those people by clicking the pins that are near you. 

It's also a good idea to add your own pin, that way others can contact you also :-):-)

Again, welcome! 




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16 hours ago, Mick2487 said:

Hi Lee, 

Thanks for your reply 👍 i am glad not alone. Cant wait to eventually be ready to get up into the blue (maybe more grey) 

😁 Mick

Hi Mick, may I ask where are you training? Well I guess you may know this, but this flying lark really is as good as it looks! If you want to catch up one day when we're flying please feel free to contact me.
As a teaser for you there's a bit of St Ives and the local area in this vid:


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On 22/07/2020 at 13:18, Lee Jackson said:

Hi Mick... I fly from St Ives.

I don't think I'm a raving lunatic though. More of an irresponsible idiot!

There's a good few of us in the area, although I'm the only one flying directly from St Ives.

Lee Jackson

Lee you definitely have your odd moments especially when start to mix your flying and paddling :lol: :wingover:💧💧🤣  never forget this one 


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On 30/07/2020 at 14:27, Neilzy said:

Lee has to be done lol did you manage to get back up and dry off or was it a recovery and the walk of shame !!!!


Eyup Neilzy,

There was no hope in hell I was flying back out of there. Plenty of room, but the wooden prop had fractured when it hit the water and everything was utterly soaked. Mrs J came to my rescue!

It was definitely a walk of shame. A van full of the local roadworkers came over to me just to laugh and take the piss... which I fully deserved. I haven't foot dragged again since!!!

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