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  1. Hi Lee, Thanks for your reply i am glad not alone. Cant wait to eventually be ready to get up into the blue (maybe more grey) Mick
  2. Hi i have just looked at the "tag" and all it says is ozone buzz M, which i assume is the size.
  3. Hi im new to the sport and have just bought a miniplane top 80 it came with an ozone buzz wing ( no trims) the seller says it flew well with the paramotor but i am just curious has anyone flown this "paragliding" wing with a motor. Thanks Mick
  4. Mick2487


  5. Hi Simon, Thank you for the warm welcome I will log on to see what other raving lunatics are near by. Mick
  6. Hi im new to sport does anyone fly near st ives Cambridgeshire
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