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1 hour ago, AndyB said:

My 2 suggested call signs were not approved of..... G-ANDY or G-SPOT so I am now Paramotor26

I dare say they have heard it all before, G-OBBLE, G-ONNACRASH, G-WIZ etc. May be a fun compo to come up with better ideas than mine :)

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3 hours ago, AndyB said:

Definitely getting lucky this week. I can now use the school playing fields (360m x 160m). It has a locked gate, with tarmac parking area inside, next to the really flat field....and they have given me a key. :) 

Bloody hell! Well played, that sounds absolutely perfect, and ideal for a trike launch surface i would think.

How did you wrangle that one, know someone there?

Any conditions or anything attached....?

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Just had my first flying discussion with ATC this morning. Really helpful. I have filed a written "flight plan" showing where I take off from, which is just 3 miles from Teesside Int airport and 4 miles inside the CTR. I have told them the usual triangle that I fly within and height 2 to 5000 feet! I will keep to 500 feet until exiting the CTR, which keeps me well underneath traffic, that circles above on the clockwise base-leg at 1500 feet. All I have to do now when I fly is a quick phone call before flying then contact by radio when in the air.

So, my experience of using controlled airspace for ppg is so far very positive and not difficult.

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