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Hi and welcome! 

You are in one of those annoying places where there are no instructors for many a mile. :-( I may be wrong but am fairly sure you are going to need to travel a fair way. 

We teach people from Scotland (I would say 2-3 a year) most will come down in the summer for a week or so to get the lump of it done. You could also look at doing a course overseas depending on your situation. 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club! 




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if I was going to start all over again and was looing for training then I would travel to Spain (Simon at SkyhighPPG) this way you can get a good block of training get to try things out before spending thousands on gear and stand a good chance of completing your course in a week or 2 instead of spreading it out over a year+ . I also think it works out good value 

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As it happens, you might be in luck...I remembered getting Paolo's number last year, forgot he was based in your area.. and it looks like he is only an hour away from you...

Massimo Paolo Bellezze. 
Mob: 07714 707297.
1 Nether Balfour Cottage, Durris, Banchory, AB31 6BL. Paragliding and Paramotor School based in Aberdeenshire. We offer guided trips abroad and stock most leading brands.
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