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Practicing ground handling before training?

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I'm planning to get formal training next spring when the weather is much better and I'll be able to fly more frequently afterwards during the nice summer mornings & evenings.

but over the winter on the 'calm and not so windy' days I was thinking about getting an old & cheap wing off eBay to practice with so I can go into training next spring with at least a bit of experience.

is this a bad or good idea?

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Welcome to PMC.

Ground handling is a good idea but ideally get some idea of what it involves or hang out with pilots a few times too. Also, wear gloves and a helmet. And don't do it high winds or near power lines. 

Don't misjudge the winter either, we get superb conditions sometimes in the winter, often better than summer. It's colder but the air can be amazingly co-operative. :-) 

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Like Steve said get to know local area pilots go have a chat, and they might give you a few tips and pointers, but IMO i wouldn't advise GH'ing without training as it's easy to get annoyed/injured when doing it wrong, Where abouts you live might be someone on here local who could help you a little.


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1 hour ago, cianpars said:

Make sure you get an appropriatwly sized wing. How heavy are you?


For GH'ing the smaller the better as it sharpens up your reactions, plus you can kite in stronger winds which gives more practicing days at the beginning when learning.

Then when more confident and getting to grips with Wing handling, yes kite your Flying wing as you learn its characteristics and how it feels and input needed. 


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