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Choose Life, Choose Paramotoring

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  • 9 months later...

hey guys. quiet year last year. and maybe like some other folk - sick of the short days, dark all the time, miserable and cold of this time of year - kinda depressing.

I dunno - I found myself watching my video from last year again and cheered me up a bit - that it's a new year - and anything can happen.

all the best for 2019 to everyone. 

Me and social media are strangers in the night - I hate everything about it. And unfortunately as everyone else has got on the bandwagon it's left me a bit out in the cold the past 5 or 6 years with regards to other flyers, etc. I'm not standoffish - would just rather burn my eyes out with acid than do facebook...

But I'm still flying, and still enjoying it. maybe there's others in the same boat ? 

I'd love to see a real paramotor holiday organised this year in somewhere like Slovenia again - that was awesome in 2014. 

Otherwise after 13 years flying now I'm sick of flying in billiard table suffolk - my flying consists of 2 weeks a year in scotland which can either be awesome (like 2017*) or mediaocre (like 2018*) and occasional flight around the billiard table - I'm almost stopped trying to tour around randomly in england and ask permission to fly as the answer is almost always 'no'... :-(


**its all on my channel if yer interested. I'm most proud of this nevis video - which Ben Nevis Brewery should be using this year in their new visitor exhibition (thanks to gordon for the reference)



**look for the 2018 ones:


I went over turnberrry just after trump left for example last year (yeh I promise the guy in the news wisnae me), etc.



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Nice to see a post from you Stu, glad you are still living in the real world. 

It's amazing that the Slovenia trip was 2014 - time is such an illusion, as the great man said. Was some superbly great flying had on that trip (but won't forget some of our crappy launch sites too, or the cops ... :-) ). And we all got to meet Igor!! :-) :-) 

Hope we all get some great flying in this year, maybe see you at one of the PMC fly-ins? There's a choice of several this year.  

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