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Keen to get going

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Hello all,

I am just getting into this after actually going on a tandem paragliding trip whilst on a press trip in the Indian Ocean some years ago.  I have been a scuba diver for over twenty years and thought it was time to go up in the world as well as being below!

I am now in a position to get started and with the advice of some very knowledgeable and respected people here in the paramotoring fraternity I have had some good advice and also started to get my gear together and bought a couple of books ( Powered Paragliding Bible 4 - Fourth Edition & Paramotoring: The Essential Guide).  I have a Bailey V5 and am seeking now an Ozone Roadster 2 28 wing.  I have spoken with an instructor who is very local and comes highly recommended, so hope to start ground training soon!  I have my own fields which I hope to use as well.

I look forward to listening to those that have the knowledge of experience and gleaming from them any useful hints and tips!

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