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groundhandling slip up!!

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LOL Well it got me laughing :lol:

Laughing is good for you :D You can have some good fun just ground handling most of the time :D

Thanks for posting it.


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I love this clip. I have all of this to come :D

I don't know why, but it reminds me of a famous quote by Thomas Eddystone when he finally succeeded in inventing the light bulb.

A reporter reputedly asked him "How did you have the fortitude to carry on after 1000 failed experiments?"

To which he allegedly replied,

"I didn't have 1000 failed experiments, I merely found 999 ways that something wouldn't work"

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I had one yesterday, it was breezy down here in Somerset as the evening approached but doable - or so I thought. I now have a hefty tangle to decipher before I can kite the thing again. No damage just a ball of string and dented pride.

But what a day, and what a skyscape!

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"...until he doth repent.

I then shall learn him long to full respect his King

And bear not arms against his father's blood..." etc etc

According to some old chap, name escapes me, presumably Warwickshire branch of the club, somewhere Stratford way I think..! Granted the usage is now considered a bit archaic.

(Just cos it is mostly archaic usage, no reason to get heated about it. After all, we can't have archaic and heat it.)


(mind of a ninja, body of a manatee)

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Nice one Dean.


the only time you ever need one is when you are doing ground handling! Theres nothing to hit your head on in the sky. Soft grass field I know but concussive cushioning effect of polystyrene .... good habit forming.....message to new students....... etc etc.

Not having a go but come on everyone wear your helmet when there is a planet within nutting distance,


ask Whitters what difference cycling hats has made to that sport's head injury severity stats.

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Hilarious video, I had a good giggle!! Francis has a point on the helmets though - 1st or 2nd time ground handling I got dragged straight into what I am sure was the only sarcen stone in the field and broke my tooth - its easy to be complacent, I often felt a bit daft in the middle of the field with my glowing white crash hat on. My children bought me a latex viking cover complete with skull and horns.......now I don't feel silly at all!!! :lol::lol::roll:

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Totally agree about wearing a helmet. It's a no brainer or can be :(

I heard from a transplant doctor how cycle helmets had stopped a 'good' supply of healthy transplant organs. e.g. tap on the head from the ground (or paramotor cage) is all it takes.



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