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After a previous flight when I found wind higher up to be well over 20 mph, I have now been paying more attention - as was politely pointed out to me after last time! All the forecasts for today's weather in my location show 9 mph steady wind and 13 mph gusts. I estimate the that the few tiny clouds I can see at 5000 ft are doing 40mph ish, prob more.


What is slightly more worrying is that there are virtually no clouds. I only noticed because every 5 mins or so a solitary little cloud comes whizzing into view. What if there were no clouds? Is there some other way of knowing before flying?

Local forecasts:




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I live and take off in a valley. Its generally more sheltered there than the main area around it, so taking an on the spot wind speed reading doesn't help. I use the wind turbines around me to work out the actual wind speed. If its 4 seconds a revolution its not flyable if its 5 its fast but ok and if its 5.5 to 6 or less its perfect. Obviously other factors are taken into consideration.

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Thank you. There just happen to be row of wind turbines atop a hill in the distance, visible from my patio........ :) which I wish I had had a look at!

This evening wind dropped right down and I had a quick go with harness on and it was not reversible at all. However, it was well entertaining just 500 feet up. Tried a little higher and at 700 feet I measured a ground speed (satnav) of -18 mph. Back to 300 feet and manageable. 

This was defo the strongest wind I have encountered. At 500 feet, if I turned side on to the wind then I had to work hard to control pendulum caused by the strong but very unsteady wind. Had windward wing tip trying to fold in as well, which I think is what set off the pendulum. At 300 feet I was still encountering surges and then the opposite which would dump me rather rapidly back towards the sea. Quickly learned use of throttle and brakes to control it (read in Paramotor book). Probably didn't look pretty, but I eventually managed to keep roughly level.

Anyway, back on the ground after just 15 mins. Another bit of learning clocked up :) 


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