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Moster fuel consumption

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Apparently the Moster is not that bad!! LOL:DO.o  The Moster uses allot of fuel to aid cooling.. The Moster although being a strong reliable engine IMO it's very agricultural compared to other motors out there..  Think of it as a US V8 compared to a Nice German Mercedes AMG V8...   

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Why are they so prone to getting hot, though?

I must say, the cooling fins on the cylinder do look insufficient - much less cooling area than say, the two-stroke Jap motorcycle engines i used to have as a teenager as i remember.

GR002, what`s your fuel consumption like?

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My fuel consumption is not that bad I use 5 litres an hour on a Dudek snake 20 at 133kg all up. I use 2.5 litres an hour on my Baileys V5 so I use Baileys for XC. I can not see how it uses extra fuel for cooling as this would give a black spark plug. Could it be how its ported or tuned pipe ?

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5-6 lph is about right for the Moster 185, I was 9.66 full bar... One big reason i turned to the Polini 250 as it Has Huge power and very economic when at cruise...  I lost 2 LPH just by swapping engines flying a 16m.. Down to 2lph flying a 22m at 115-120 all up ;-) 


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On 11/03/2017 at 11:46, GR002 said:

 Could it be how its ported or tuned pipe ?

I think it could be.

The Moster is known to be a pokey engine, and that power has to come from somewhere.

I think the Moster really begins to ramp up at about 5500rpm, and i fly level at 6000 - 6200rpm where the Moster is making lots of power and `in the powerband` or `on the pipe` so i`m flying at engine speeds where i`m making power that i don`t really need (for XC cruising).

I`ve got an adjustable pitch prop to experiment with this summer and i`m hoping to tune it so that i`m in level flight at about 5500rpm trims out.

Let`s see...


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I did, and have flown it for ~ 240 hrs - but not much recently (another story...)

It`s an E-prop NDG.

The hub has `nubs` which set/limit the amount of pitch available, i fly/flew it on max pitch which was only approx 1 - 2 degrees more than a `standard` Moster prop. It dropped the engine speed significantly leading to a much more relaxed and quieter time in the air (from about 6200rpm level flight down to about 5200) I used about half a litre an hour less in fuel compared to a standard prop.

Thrust-wise i get possibly a smidgeon less rate of climb but you`ve got to expect that if you`re tuning for long-range, you can`t get one without sacrificing the other.. Absolutely fine with me though for the type of flying i do/did..

Max engine speed also dropped from 8400 to 7400 so i`m still using the same proportion of available engine speed but that range has dropped by 1000rpm into a more comfortable zone for me.

I filed off the nubs once and tried the pitch at ~4 degrees more than standard and the motor could barely hit 5700rpm and the rate of climb was dire!

Throttle was well open to maintain level flight.....i thought the consumption was going to be bad on that experimental flight but it wasn`t as bad as i thought, much more than normal though of course.

When i first started out flying my Moster used 6l/hr.

Tuning it properly instead of the super-safe factory carb settings it went down to 4.5

The Eprop took it down to 4 then a change to an efficient wing (HadronXX) has dropped the fuel consumption down to as low as 3.4l/hr.




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Cool, cheers for that.
0.5 liters per hour saving and quieter... Nice. 

Ill be running the NDG 160cm on an old Bailey V2, I am hoping to gain a little more static thrust to make up for the slightly gutless motor... Not seen anyone use such a large prop with such low power despite endlessly searching for info.
E-Prop think its doable so I am reasonably confident.
I'm thinking I might machine a 3.8/1 redrive to make sure the motor can hit its max power but I have two billets so I can drop that if I need to but having two variables to juggle (pitch and ratio) I am not looking forward to tuning it :)  

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