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Viking PPG Motor Mount


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Take a look at this video, you can clearly see how the metal parts separated from the urethane cylinder after the crash. The same thing would probably happen to regular rubber mounts as well. Just an interesting observation I think. I'm sure the Viking mounts works good for what it's designed for, and pilots I think are trustworthy seems to like them. I've also considered them if/when I have to replace mine.

But best would be a failsafe design, I have extra nylon webbing on my mounts. I don't know the best design solution, But I'm sure there is always room for improvement, maybe an internal steel cable welded or something?

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Looked into them a few years ago but although I like the principle, a few people complained that they made vibrations during flight a lot worse so I decided against them without buying a set. Would be interesting to see whether they have evolved since then.

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I'll feed back what I make of them when they get here. It seems like he's corrected some of the previous issues (which included the originals being slightly too fat for Polini's).

Robert's easy to contact via his website at www.vikingppg.com

He's very responsive and I'm sure he'd be keen to hear from you about getting a set to review. I don't know him personally though!

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Well, I'm happy to report that these seems to work well.


They look really good, and come in a variety of colours.

They feel solid, no drooping

Easy to fit - they come with new screws if you need them, and direction on which parts to fit first. They could also be removed easily if necessary.

They fit the thor 130 fine - but you must specify that it's a Polini (see this http://www.southwestairsports.com/PPGTechInfo/top80/hrservicenotes/mounts/mounts.htm which has now been resolved if you order Polini PPG mounts).

Vibrations feel exactly the same when flying (no more or less that I noticed).

The seller is responsive to emails, and ships them out quickly.



The vibrations are the same as before (no more,  no less as far as I can tell)

Expensive for what they are $80 ish I think, compared with about £12 to 18 for replacement rubber mounts.


I'll feed back more when I've been flying around more with it, but these are my initial impressions. Going back I'd definitely order them again, but I can understand that replacing your paramotor mounts isn't high priority for most people! :)


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