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Can paramotor be placed on the rear seat of a car?


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Dear all the paramotor pilots. Seeking your help...

I am planning to buy a Paramotor (foot launch) with no trike. My car is a compact hatch back with NO boot space.

1# Is it possible to place the paramotor on rear seat of my car?

2# Next, is it compulsory to dissemble the propeller, the cage every time after each flying?   

Thank you in anticipation.

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I was able to transport my Bailey in a Triumph Spitfire. The prop and cage were removed and stowed in the small space behind the front seats. The rest of the paramotor sat in the passenger seat, with seat belt. The wing, helmet etc. went in the boot.

I have also transported the motor in an estate car, when it was only necessary to remove the upper cage quarters and rotate the prop to the horizontal position. There is no reason to dismantle the cage or remove the prop if you don't need to. Every time the parts are dismantled, there is more wear in the various fixings and more chance of something getting damaged.


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14 hours ago, ptwizz said:

How did you both get in the car with the paramotor in the front seat?

She had to come back for me, the field is less than a mile from the house. Then she had to drive me the 30 miles back to Membury to pick up my car. I told you it cost!

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