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Paramotoring in Devon and Cornwall


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53 minutes ago, Deeeblue said:

Thanks for the advice on the Members map Simon.  What a great and simple idea.

What else would you expect from a Plymouth born and bred person :-);-) 

glad you like it, it is massively useful and will become more so as people add locations :-) 

looks as though Devon and Cornwall is starting to get the Internet and add themselves too it lol. 


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1 hour ago, Deeeblue said:

which side do I take?  I grew up in Looe and spent most of my adult life in Plymouth, as well as dozens of other places :-)

Simon,  Do you know of many places to fly from on Dartmoor, I thought it was pretty much a no go area for take offs/landings.

I have never been confronted by anyone for taking off on the moors. :-) I have launched from Princetown (field behind the Plumb of Feathers pub) I have launched from almost every one of the car parks along the road from Princetown to Tavistock and Princetown to Yelverton. :-) 

Whiteworks is about as remote as you can get by road and you will not get agro from anyone at all for camping, flying, or lighting a fire. (we had a fox come and join us next to the fire the last time I went there. lol) http://holidayindartmoor.co.uk/princetown/whiteworks-36475.html


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13 hours ago, admin (Simon W) said:

You have Dartmoor on your doorstep :-) It's an amazing place to fly and camp over with a fire! 

Better than Cornwall, as you wont get moved on by Police for trying to sleep at night :-) 


Come on, Dartmoor is just empty moors - grass land.  Now look at North Cornwall, big rough coast line, plenty of old historic buildings to view from the sky and it does come with plenty of campsites

:D:D:D :D:D:D


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4 hours ago, admin (Simon W) said:

I will be down visiting some old friends in the not so distant future and will be bringing my kit for a fly from Princetown / Tavistock area if you guys want to hook up

Really - no need to come all this way just to see me - honest.

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