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Flying 2 cv

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Can we do anything similar as a publicity stunt prior to T t T? I had suggested a flying arm chair under the Inigo Orca but that is no longer relevant.

Some piece of flying office equipment from HP perhaps?

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Hey Francis,

Calm yourself with the new ideas mate OR......


They are all great ideas but time is running short chap. I think we have enough to arrange for the moment :lol:

If though you or the rest of the team combined feel as though you can get it sorted in timem talk to Simon Payne (the furniture guy & t2t pilot) as a starting point.

I feel as though the tandem wing may have quite an exciting sponsor.


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Dissing BMW. No, fine examples of German engineering. I was meerly point out that the 2CV body is much smaller and lighter than a BMW body as the BMW's tend to be more roomy inside and more structurally sound if you are involved in a crash. Fine luxury vehicles.

Where as the 2CV is perfect for your farmer carrying eggs to market.



phew, got away with that, don't think anyone noticed, I best be off!!!!! :lol:

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In the interest of political correctness the 2CV is the top end light weight car and the BMW is the top end heavy weight car ( or something equally as fair to each country :D )



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