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  1. My first flight was at the flagpole on New Years day 2010, with Simon and the two Colin's........... Great memories..... Neil..
  2. Awesome skill I think it's gonna take me a while before I can do that.........Must get more practice on my Revo 2
  3. I saw him as well, flying across the playing fields about 6.30....... I think it was russell, he lives over near Bullsmoor Lane. Neil..
  4. Great video Seymore.... I'd love to fly up in Scotland one day, fantastic scenery. Neil..
  5. Great stuff Dan!! Cheers for the info.... Neil..
  6. Hi Dan, what helmet mount do you use for the panasonic SD 600.... I'm thinking about buying a Panasonic camcorder, and was wondering whether I could use my GoPro mount which I already have fixed to the top of my lid.... Neil..
  7. Hello Mike, Yep, definetely fingers crossed for the weather.....!!! Be great to see you.. Neil..
  8. I'll be there, but can only stay for Friday and Saturday.....Hopefully the weather will be ok... I know the the journey up north of Watford will be quite safe.......My Nissan 4x4's got bullet proof glass.... And lets be honest, you have to agree the scousers are an enviromentally friendly bunch.....Their roofs have been lead free for years !!!! Neil..
  9. i've taken off a couple of times with no problems, but I've made sure the park was quiet. Sometimes it gets busy over there with football/rugby matches. Neil..
  10. Just up the road. What a small world. Assuming all goes to plan I'll join you for some practise in a few weeks. Nice to know a local contact. Darrel Be good to meet up with you Darrel...... Neil..
  11. I always thought the VTR was an ok handling machine.......especially the SP model with Ohlins suspension.... The one's to watch out for were the Suzuki TL-S and TL-R 1000 V twins.....Now they were beasts!!!! Neil
  12. I also live in Enfield..... I was ground handling my wing in Enfield playing fields (my house backs onto the fields) last Monday when a paramotor flew over, headed towards the A10. The motor cage looked black, and the wing orange and blue....possibly a Revo or Dudek Reaction. Is it anyone on here.....?? Neil..
  13. Brilliant video Si, superb quality.... very well done... Neil..
  14. I'm really looking forward to plenty of airtime, and some great flying this time round Pete... Neil..
  15. reminds me of my first flight........ Neil..
  16. Cheers for the reply Seymore, but I've already got the GoPro HD camera...... I just wanted some info on camcorders, and which one's people are using, as there's such a big choice... Neil..
  17. I'm thinking of buying a new Digital HD camcorder....... I want something with a decent sized memory (120Gb +) Anyone got any recommendations........ Neil..
  18. I was looking in the background....To see if my paramotor and wing were full of bullet holes..
  19. You'd think a push bike would just disintegrate, given that kind of punishment !! Neil..
  20. Congratulations Rich......... Would be great to know your exact route, and how many fuel stops etc.... Neil..
  21. Buy a hot water bottle and a amping cooker for the water Serious it works. SW I've been looking on the net for one of these "amping cookers" but I'm not having much luck.....Are they electrical..... Neil..
  22. It was quite funny and took ages to get the dirt out of me mouth I'm going for some super smooth take-off's this year Pete........and hoping my spare prop stays tucked away in your van.....!!! Neil..
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