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  2. Hi Martyn, I'm interested in Paramotoring but does not seem to me there is any interest in my area and that is Morecambe. Can you email me please so we can have a chat and find some help near us in the way of instructors.
  3. hi, CP-rated based in Newcastle; qualified a little before covid and then nothing... just in the process of getting gear sorted and then I'm looking for anybody who is close-by (-ish) who will fly with me (whilst I make a mess of things no doubt ) and help me get a bit of experience... anybody up for the challenge? thanks, Martyn
  4. I have family up in the Durham area, might be an option at some point if I come for a visit
  5. There are 4 of us near Middlesbrough in the North East, but don't often fly together.
  6. Hi all. New pilot in W Yorks, finished basic training and waiting on some new gear arriving, Just trying to get a feel for activity in this neck of the woods.
  7. Hi, there are very few of us up here. I fly between Yarm and Redcar. There is a guy lives near Redcar (but never seen him) and 2 in Newcastle. If you want to coma and fly off Redcar beach just shout.
  8. Hi all Newly converted PPG pilot here...recently finished my conversion course at Airways in Derbyshire and looking for local pilots/sites...im in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Keen to not let the grass grow now ive finished my conversion! Cheers Mike
  9. Yes, mainly gliders. They like FLARM because on busy radar days it helps them manage what they are seeing ie a trace on the radar can be checked on FLARM to see if it is recognised.
  10. I use FLARM but fortunately haven’t had to attest to how effective it is v an RAF jet. I will say I think it’s petty useless for GA as from what I’ve read/heard/experienced the best option there is ADSB. I've had some pretty close planes fly by, even with my FLARM on. However ADSB requires an FRTOL, which makes it less likely to be used widely. I'm in the process of getting mine though, with a view to equipping ADSB. Interesting that the ATC you spoke to actively monitor FLARM. I'd imagine that's because of gliders rather than paragliders, as it isn't widely used in our discipline. Gives comfort though.
  11. I am a member of the RAF regional airspace users group. We met yesterday at RAF Linton, just before it closes for good! We still have RAF Leeming and Topcliffe in the North East. I was particularly interested in yesterdays meeting because of 2 items. There was recent air-miss between 2 RAF jets and 3 paragliders - in the same air-space they missed me 2 years ago. I have attached the report below. There was also a debate about what system to use in the air so that we can be seen ie ADSb, FLARM etc. If you read the airprox report below you will see just how close the paragliders came to grief. This is precisely why I have been calling ATC prior to flying. However, even calling ATC is not foolproof as they only brief pilots first thing in the morning. The 'being seen' debate was really interesting, The CAA are not going to dictate which transponder system should be used, so there will continue to be chaos for some time. Having said that, the RAF in the NE is using FLARM as the system to help them identify gliders, microlights etc. In the ATC control room they have a huge TV screen with live tracking of all FLARM in their area. They also use FLARM in their trainers and tell me they can track them down to 50/80 feet agl. I will be getting myself one of these soon. There is a lightweight version (under 400g) with enough battery to last all day - it is Euro 400. Anyone using one yet? Andy Airprox Report 2019099.pdf
  12. AndyB

    August 2019 flying

    Redcar, Marske, Saltburn, Hartlepool and North Yorks Moors in August
  13. new pilot here, based in St Helens, also looking for local pilots or a field to fly from. I am going to start looking for somewhere around the Standish area but if anyone has somewhere they fly from regularly and would like some company, let me know.
  14. This is what you missed this morning. Up over the steelworks, Teesside chemical plants, Tioxide plant, Hartlepool nuclear power station, then Hartlepool.....
  15. Anyone fancy flying the North Yorks coast this Saturday?
  16. To encourage any of you Northern flyers to come and visit, I have just added photos from a recent flight. I went from Redcar steelworks to Staithes. Come and join me!

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