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Custom or replacement Zenith netting

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a little project i have been working on:

Custom netting available for parajet zenith.

3mm dyneema main cord,

40mm polypropylene outer webbing- black only at moment

polypropylene netting 50mm made for outdoor use

25mm polypropylene webbing for lower tension part- can be black, red or blue- other colours possible if available.

2mm dyneema cord.

dabond v69 polyester sail thread.

no fitting / buckles or ladder straps are included- you can reuse your existing fittings.

they can be made the same size and shape as original parajet or slightly bigger and deeper to provide extra coverage.

i shall upload pictures once i have worked out how.

£60 inc Uk postage.

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It arrived yesterday :-)

I have it as a school spare, so have not yet needed to fit it. It looks very well made though and will of course put some proper feedback on when we have to use it :-)

It a nutshell, it's identical to the standard one from what I can see. :-)


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