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Paramotor Comps section?


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Are there enough people here interested in and or that partake in the various Paramotor comps to justify a section for 'Paramotor Comps'

Please answer yes below if your keen.


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yes come on Si move it onto the main posts and we'll see :P,  

we demand a recount 9_9


















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10 hours ago, admin (Simon W) said:

Bump (moved from wish list to general chat by request) Do Not know Who you mean 9_9

Let me know if you would like the section (more so if you would USE it! :-) ) 



Yes like morgy said build it and they will come :P 

Do it Do it Do it pwiddy pweese

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It can be removed at a later date yes, but google will hate me for it for months after. :-( 

Hence the question, which just does not seem to be an attractive one to our members. It confuses me that the comp people are always harping on about trying to get people involved yet no one posts here (or has done in the last 10 years+) about it, no blogs, no photos, no score sheets (except the ones I posted to try and generate interest in the subject) 

A post every year or two asking people to get involved will only ever have a poor end result. I have tried a number of times to offer the PMC as a place to get the exposure to attract new people to the British team comps and the national ones but non of them seem to be able to see the benefit of this place (or choose not to talk about it here) 

If the people who in one breath shout we need sponsors, we need helpers, we need more people, have to be constantly pushed and encouraged to post rich content to attract more people and sponsors, it almost certainly won't work and quite possibly have a negative effect when visitors see that the section has no content.  

I am not in to comps myself but I do like to support British teams in just about anything if I can! ( The PMC have sponsored the nationals a couple of times ) without so much as a single post from them, I would love to see an active comps section here but you can see why I need the convincing :-):-) 


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Si i apologize almost 800 views and only three people commented including you 9_9, so yes i'm not mentioning this again just delete the whole thread and it never happened.

But on another note do you ever look to delete members who have not posted in years ?, why you ask i hear well i was doing a search earlier, and accidently highlighted a person's name in the old post, and then noticed this person had not posted since 2011 :o, so then wondered if it was something you had considered as i know there's not always unlimited free space on most forums.

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