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French pilots visiting from Portsmouth to Cornwall: Help!

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Hi Guys,

I'm currently living in Bristol, but am from Toulouse in South of France.

A few friends are coming this summer (mig-August) to visit and we are hoping to fly around the south coast, somewhere between Portsmouth (where they arrive) to Cornwall.

At the moment, I haven't been able to find anyone who could give us info on where to fly from or even to fly together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated if you know some fields we could use or people I could contact to get more info.

Thank you!!!!!


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Hi there,

I've got no reply/info yet from anyone in the area. I've tried contacting some small airfileds along the coast, but it seems paramotors are not as welcomed in microlight airfields as they are in South of France :(

If you've got any other contact I can try, any help would be great ;)



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We had a wonderful 3 days of flight. We were blessed with fabulous weather.

Dan Burton and Richard Whitmarsh were brilliant in showing us around and help us enjoying those holidays. We all flew together and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Such a pleasure to fly, discover new horizons and scenery and meet new friends!!

Some pictures from the week-end ( all the photos are here ):






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