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  1. If I may, can I ask other questions about airspaces? Concerning a "OTHER ACTIVITIES OF A DANGEROUS NATURE". What does "GVS" means? I'm looking at a specific one here: Name: AVONMOUTH GVS Lateral limit: A circle, 1 nm radius centred at 513150N 0023916W Upper limit: 3500 ft ALT Advisory Measures: Site operator recommended advisory vertical avoidance criteria, and rounded up to next 100 ft. Does that mean that it is 'advised' not to go there? Or forbidden?? Another one: Dangerous Zone: EG D119 BRIDGWATER BAY A circle, 4 nm radius centred at 511224N 0031353W Upper limit: 5000 ft ALT
  2. Hey Simon, Thanks you very much! I knew about those two rules but wanted to make sure there was not something more constraining (like in france). Thanks for the clarification
  3. Hi all, This may seem a silly question, but I'm note sure what the legislation is for flying over cities/towns... In France, a minimum height is required, based on the size of the city, and clearly shown in the aeronautical maps with specific colors as below: On the UK map I bought, there does not seem to be a clear distinction: Hence my question: is there any other limitation apart from the general 1000ft min + maintaining sufficient height to achieve getting outside within ones glide ratio? Thanks! Fix
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