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Neilzy's Grazhopper

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Actually you can get full lock with legs in that position which is nice a comfy bashed me shin once lol.

Jock been on longish grass and yeah at full throttle it get real hairy & scarey but found it sort of power slides and the lack of grip stops it from digging in and toppling over the grass has been cut on my field now and waiting for it to be bailed up but it don't seem to bother the Grazhopper it does change once you have a wing attached making it much easier to control I tend to throttle up to pull wing up it feels like the trike sort of goes light then I ease off throttle trundle along at a nice pace and tiny bit of brake up I go so easy and landing it well I just been coming in nice and flat add a little bit off flair mixed with a small amount of throttle and it just feels seamless nice and easy.

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