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Commendations to a Company that go above and beyond the norm

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A lot of guys do slag off companies, rightly or wrongly, but I guess when you do give them a compliment it is normally direct and factual.

Don’t really want to explain why, but a ‘big hats off’ to the Parajet’s Sale’s Manager (John) with his out of hour’s commitment, dedication and for saving me time and money - the customer. :)

Thanks again to John from Parajet


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Glad to see you telling the world about great service.

I'd like to say the same about having an excellent experience from Parajet but they have gone beyond the call so many times it's difficult to pick out just one instance to mention ... maybe the time that I needed my machine back for some great weather on a weekend so on a Friday night Dan took my motor home with him and stayed in waiting for me to get down a few hours later to collect it from him.

There are so many instances, Parajet have kept me flying when I would certainly have been grounded without them.

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Parajet's after sales service is second to none.

That is the main reason we use them in the school and have been supplying them to our customers for the last 7 years. :-)

Thanks for posting a happy message :-) Maybe we should start an 'I have had great service from' thread :-)


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