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Is all this loose stitching normal on a new wing?

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So aside form blowing a piston on my engine. I have this potential issue with my new wing.

I have had the wing (Velocity Elektra from Paratoys) for about 2 weeks, and used it on about 5 days for a few hours max each day, so pretty much brand new. I have been training on grass and sand, and although it got muddy once (sand mud), I cleaned it out and dried it right away.

Also the wing already had most of this loose stitching when it came fresh out of the packet, being a complete newbie though I thought it was normal until my instructor pointed out that it is not.

So I wanted to check with you guys, is it normal for a brand new wing to have so much of the stitching coming loose? This is happening mainly on the lines (like all the lines) and also in other places like the loops that attach the lines to the wing, and the velcro stitching on the trailing edge.

I have attached an image of only a small portion of the wing to show how much loose stitching there is.

I have sent Blackhawk Paramotors an email asking what is to be done about this, actually asking to return the wing considering how it can be in such bad shape right out of the proverbial box, and am yet to receive a reply. But I wanted to hear from people who know, and who aren't affiliated whether I am being paranoid, or whether this is unacceptable.

As always appreciate any advice.




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Loose threads I would worry about, but all these threads look like normal ends the actual stitching looks tight.

That said, I've never noticed the stitching on my wing, might have a look later :-0

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I would like nothing more to be wrong as I actually really love the way the wing flies, and having to send it back to the states (if that is even an option) would cost a lot of money, time and heartache.

So the more opinions the better! :) Thanks spigot

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OK here is my take...

It is unlikely that you will find such on a top end glider like the Dudek and Paramania stuff with so many 'loose ends'... ( although it will be found to a minor degree. )

It's less of a quality issue and more of a lack of pride in the job issue (by not trimming them)

The extra drag will cost you an extra 20p a year in fuel though!


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I've a Dudek & my wing does not look like that. If it was me, I'd wait for the supplier to reply & decide then. I doubt Blackhawk will stake their own reputation on the work of a wing manufacturer if they are in any doubt. If you want a second opinion, or to try & avoid sending it back to the states, or for peace of mind, touch base with Aerofix & ask them, or/and send it to them for an inspection.

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Yep it is actually coming loose, starting at the ends yes, but steadily working itself down one stitch or more at a time. Again I am really hoping that it is even sloppy workmanship and nothing to worry about safety wise, but the more I look at it the worse it seems.

So Simon you think maybe I am just being a bit paranoid? I truly hope so.

I thought Velocity (paratoys / blackhawk) made good wings, was I mistaken? Or is this just a paranoid anomaly?

"myusername" I will send aerofix an email thanks for the suggestion

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More so now I know that its actually coming out !!!

I would now recommend that you do not fly the wing until it has been checked out by at least an instructor but best likely one of the inspection houses. (aerofix or the loft)

If its coming undone, that is a lot different to un trimmed ends!

Get it checked out ASAP and don't fly it in the mean time.


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If you saw my new Dudek sythe 2 built in Poland I think

you would get rid immediately.

Sale of goods act is easy. Not fit for purpose....return

and cash back.

I have a few stitch ends on my lines but ..nothing...nothing...is

coming undone.

You have bought an aircraft and workman ship is paramount.

Are you allways going to be checking stitching and repairing it as an when?

If your anywhere near Swindon ....crash in.... I'd like to see


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Yeah bummer, it is a long way to send a wing to get checked and likey to cost a fair bit, what with this and the motor blowing I am steadily running out of cash.

So I am not being unreasonable in thinking the manufacturer should do something about this? Something like take back the wing and refund me considering it was a $3200 wing and is faulty from the get go and getting worse.

I am just not sure what sort of response I am going to get from Blackhawk paramotors (none so far) with the request for a refund.

I am sad to think I have to return it, but glad to see I am not just being ridiculously cautious.

So what is the quickest way to Swindon form Guatemala? :)

I am actually a Londoner myself, well South African with a British passport. Wish I had of known about the sport when I was living over there.

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Now that is some purdy stitching...

Yep Velocity and Paratoys are US based, and if the internet is to be believed (and who doesn't believe the internet right), they are the biggest providers of Paramotors in the US, and their wings are supposed to be really good.

I have very little to reference off with my very limited experience, but the wing did feel great to fly, it is just very hard to find reviews (impossible pretty much) that don't come from the manufacturer.

Blackhawk have actually gotten back to me and are addressing my concerns with the wing and frame, so I am waiting to hear back from them once the Velocity wing factory people have a look at the photos on Monday.

I will keep you all updated and am extremely grateful for your advice.

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An update on the wing. I sent the photos to aerofix.com and to paramotorcity.com, and they were kind enough to have a look for me and give their opinions.

As it stands they both reckon the wing itself looks absolutely fine and that although the stitching is less than tidy, it is safe to fly, which is the best news I have had so far as I was dreading trying to return the wing.

I also spoke to Mike Robinson of Blackhawk Paramotors, and he has said that the double stitching you see on a lot of wings would likely weaken the lines as they are so thin on this wing.

So to sum up, thanks for all your help and advice and I think I can put this puppy to bed and just enjoy flying the wing.

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