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Short Flight With my new Dudek Nemo Moto

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Ok after my first short flight I forgot to start my go-pro and give my mate my phone I went up again for a short flight as on the first I wasn't confident with the brake lines and how the felt.

With it being a new wing to me I thought Id go up again and it felt way better, my helmet view will be added soon, just sods law as I came in I was trying not to over correct the approach and did my best landing and even managed to turn and face the wing, but it just fell as the tide was brushing in....

good excuse to clean it and replace a few lines when they arrive from the-loft :)

but all in all, I love the wing and even though a very short flight it was a good one and the views of Goodrington were awesome

ignore the foot dragging on take off didn't think I would get airborne that quick as was trying to correct the takeoff :)


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Yeah i totally agree with you there. ill be moving to the far end of the beach. As people very rarely venture to that end.. failing that it will be a landing site if clear .

Also ive checked out Slapton Sands and that looks like a good site that's been used before.. Just crap that theres not one flat field in torbay lol..

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Hi Bud

Good flight but you need to find a field.

If you had any sort of engine failure or low power during the first

part you be in the sea.....drowning... if you didn't have life jacket on.

The council will be after you after a while. If you can't play golf on the beach

you probably can't use a one meter scimitar at 3000 revs!

Your down wind leg was at 200 feet over the town.....not good.

Before you take off decide what your going to do if the engine stops after 30 secs

60 secs and 90 secs.

Have a plan in your mind otherwise you'll be trying to make quick decisions in a stressful


Find a nice field...knock on the farmers door and ask if you can take off once and it will only take

a couple of minutes. Fly then thank him and get chatting.

Some one you know is probably working on a farm. suss it out.

We don't want you wrapped round the town hall roof kissing the aerial.

But good flight.



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Yeah appreciate the feedback :) looks close but no town was over the pub and a out of use waterpark but same thing, needs to be 500 ft..

Said to my mate last night is not the place for regular takeoffs and landings...

Just wanted to try The wing and only place I could think of... But gonna try find a farmers daughter and place nice :).. plus no more wet wing

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Im no expert and only done a couple of flights myself but done gliding for three years prior

and learn't a bit there.

Farmers all want money so maybe if you got a couple of other paramotor dudes together

you might be able to get a scheme for a farmer up together.

Look on google earth. The other thing to assume is that all people hate paramotors

so dont fly over farmers house on first visit :D:D

You maybe starting the next paramotor club in your area???

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Sorry, got to disagree with you there Rich. I've over half a dozen farmers who let me use their land, none have asked for money (although I buy them an annual bottle). None have complained about noise, they like having an eye in the sky for their fields and animals. Can't praise them enough for their support.

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might be tempted to start a club in the area but I get the feeling I might be the one in Torbay, but who knows. I did see someone do an emergency landing in Paignton last year but never managed to get to the field quick enough to ask where he was from...

have been looking on google earth quite a lot and found a few possibles but i've noticed that the farmhouse closest to the field you want to enquire about usually aint the farmers field :)..

might have to trek a bit further out...

hoping to do a flight from Newton Abbot to Paignton but follow the route of the new bypass there building as would love to see it from the air :)

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I agree with Stevie, I have 4 regular farms I take off from and a further 5 I have access to when ever I want. I always take aerial photos for them and drop in a bottle at Christmas as a thank you.

Actually, I've never been refused when Ive asked.

I have a few rules though: take off and piss off, don't cause noise and hassle locally to the flying site. Same goes for landing, then they hardly notice you so no problems!

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