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sports camera at lidl

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Has any one had any experience with the following sports camera. Is it a bargain or should I save up for a go pro?

http://www.lidl.co.uk/cps/rde/SID-E1167 ... il&id=7876

SILVERCREST® Full HD Sports Action Camcorder



Action Camcorder for HD videos and 5MP photos

With an extra-wide angle lens for capturing all the action, wherever you are

Robust exterior, waterproof to 60m

Integrated microphone captures every shriek of excitement

With HDMI and USB output and connection for external microphone

Includes 4GB Micro-SD Card, brackets for bike and helmet, Li-ion battery, HDMI cable, USB cable, CD-ROM plus extra all-purpose brackets

3 year manufacturer's warranty

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3 year manufacturer's warranty new

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If you search for this camera on Google you'll find several YouTube videos and a couple of reviews. The price is good but if you get a duffer Lidl are well known for their no questions asked returns policy.

The cam might well be okay for good we

ll lit daylight shots but likely to be crap in low light/dusky shots. If you do get one then please let us know what it's like. At that price it could be a good second camera.

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There's quite a long review of it here. Albeit a different name it is the same camera.



this is to replace my Go-Pro which is currently somewhere at the bottom of the Atlantic (yes Simon, that one) :?

So @ £90 it's about a quarter of the price of a replacement Go-Pro. I don't expect the quality to be as good. But i'm not going to be precious about damage and loss.

The main differences are the lidl one doesn't come with the watch type remote. but DOES come with a bike mount.

HDMI lead, USB power lead, 2 doors (1 ventilated), 1 x flat mount, 1 x curved mount (plus some additional sticky pads), 3 anti-fogging pads, 2 x Velcro straps and a lens cover. The mounts also have a place to tie a lanyard (which my go pro connectors did not).

Hope this is of help

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Alex from footflight Paramotors in Essex had one at the nec. I have not seen the footage but the quality of the build and case looks the same as go pro stuff.


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I would even go so far as to say the user interface is simpler and clearer cleaner and has a much better display.


At the end of the day... it's all about the footage.


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Just looked at the footage after surfing in the Atlantic (in the last hour). It's equally as good as the go-pro (in my opinion). Case held up really well, with zero water ingress. Even after being turned over a few times. I bought a go-pro head strap to replace the one which was lost and the attachment with the camera ensured it attached absolutely fine.

As a cheap replacement I've got no problem recommending it.

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At first I thought that was super poo...

Then I clicked the HD button. :-)

By all accounts, in good light (which is the same as can be said for any of the action cams) the footage looks bloody brilliant for a £90 camera!

I can see me acquiring one or two of these for an upcoming project. :-)


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