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Fuel filling


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For years I have used two stroke disc cutters and during fuelling tipped 20%

of the fuel onto the floor.

Then I discovered the chain saw lumber jack brigade us a 5 litre can with a

clever valve that opens and allows fuel to flow when inverted and pressed

into the nozzle. No fuel spillage at all.

Job done .....got two and never spilt a drop since.

Now I see the problem has arisen again with my Parajet.

I have seen funnels and jerry cans with the fuel wizzing in all directions

and I don't want to end up airbourne smelling of fuel.

Any body got any clever gadgets or tips for fuelling.

Clever lumber jack nozzles only fit to 5 litre plastic cans.

See you up there.


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Get a syphoning tube. It's just a length of tube with a ball valve as you shake the tube the ball jumps up and down doing the sucking for you. Once it's running the ball stays out of the way and fuel flows easily. No spillage. I think I got mine from halfords.

Cheers Lee.

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