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What a prop strike looks like


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This is one of the lucky ones. :-)

This happened yesterday (not in the UK)

"I accelerated and then my shoulder was pressed against the screen and hit the propeller, some cuts and a little pain ... in the air soon, I hope."

Nuff said.

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"I accelerated and then my shoulder was pressed against the screen"

How is this possible? Really?

I'm guessing this would be a less then accurate description of what happen.

I'm i wrong? I don't know about you guys but touching my shoulder to the netting is impossible when in harness Accelerating

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I know a guy,

He is a very skilled pilot (were talking x 2 extra 300 (red bull air race), 1 x Cirrus, 2 x Bell Jet ranger, and all of them ACRO rated with smoke fitted!. ( I could go on for a while about his skills and qualifications).

I taught this person how to fly a Paramotor.

He was as you would expect a super safe, very precise person who never stepped outside of what was safe.

One day, in a field in a hot country somewhere... his mate turned up in a shiny new Lamborghini in our dusty field and did a couple of doughnuts.

My student then proceeded to get his paramotor out ( good few flights by now) and fire up the Paramotor.

I was not at all worried about this as he was so very switched on in every aspect of his life.


He gunned it while chatting to his mate, and not focusing on the motor or his grip, proceeded to lean against the motor with his arm and shoulder when (WHACK) a not quite so bad as the picture (like without the cut) but a very very bruised arm and pride.

This happened in about half a second.

He was also very very very lucky !!!


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