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Transfer power through 90 degrees

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I have a project in mind and need to transfer the power from a 600cc four stroke engine approx 20-30 Hp, similar to the lower end of an outboard motor or the rear wheel of a shaft driven motorcycle.


light weight

Compact If possible

Low maintenance


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Pete Ive seen a unit for using a motorcycle engine in a kit car and it does just that bolts onto the output of the engine and turns it thro 90 then connects via a prop shaft but cant remember who makes it but this might point you in right direction ie caterham etc also used to use Milner transfer boxes on off roaders don't know if they make something....


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Some bike engines (eg. XS750) had a bolt-on 90° drive at the gearbox.

I wouldn't recommend using a diff. with one side locked. Running like this, the differential gears are doing far more work than they are designed for.

And presumably you will be carrying a whole load of surplus weight that's not doing anything. Assuming that this is some airborne project, I guess "lightweight" is the key word.

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