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who fancies buying some land...


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The club in OZ did this. They had no choice a builder was buying all the land at the bottom of the mountain and their was only one place left that you could reach to land as a beginner or just a no lift day. So all the members got together and put in the money

If their is horses you will have to teach them this is the new normal. But it can be a slow process and if you do it wrong the farmers will be pissed when they see their prize possession go though a barn wall or fence.

If they are race horses forget it these animals are just crazy by nature lol.

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Ok... Well i was just thinking of the owners With Big houses complaining!!! and forcing the 28 day rule etc.

Plus i think you will find it hard to find 18 local pilots who you trust and like to find 10k..

I know i can't afford it...

Best find a friendly farmer and fly from his land.

What happened with your Friend from Throney?

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Failed at the final hurdle. The microlite club.. Appararently 3 Years ago there was a complaint about some noise.. The club had a vote and decided no paramotors allowed,he said they probably won't change their mind, so no point having a devote... I might ask the commandant if there's a way of setting up a club on the island..

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A landowner can use their land for any law abiding purpose without a requirement for any planning consent for up to 28 days of each rolling 12 month period.


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