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2nd Flight Woes - engine dies!

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Hello all,

I went up last night for my second flight. All was going swimmingly until my engine started to fade and die. I was holding the throttle on full power but it literally fades and dies - see video. I do manage to feather the throttle initially to give me a bit of power and then (after it dies) it does re-start, but then fades again. After I landed the engine started on the ground without issue and ran up and down the rev range without hesitation!?!?

The engine is a Parajet Volution Macro 1. My suspicion is that there was a vacuum being formed in the tank as the cap was extremely tight to remove after I landed.

Has anyone else had anything similar happen using a first generation Macro? And, using any clues within my shonky footage, can anyone else please give me pointers of how to work out what's up with my engine (from the way it fades)?




Many thanks


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I checked the cap on landing and it was super tight to get off but I could draw air through it... so perhaps not that.

I've also been told to check the diaphragm as my unit is getting on for 4-5 years old (I think) so this could have degraded. Does Parajet or anyone else for that matter supply a rebuild kit specifically for these carbs (sorry for my naivety)?

At the moment my money is on it being a fuel starvation issue... but I'll attack it from all angles before that third flight.

Thanks for your replies gents :D

Oh, and yes the plug is perfect.

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Hi Lee

I had exactly the same problem with my volution compact.

Cleaning the carb would be the obvious first step, but before you take it off just check that the carb is firmly bolted down to the block by giving it a wiggle.

I found that on mine the bolts were too long and so they bottomed out allowing the carb to be loose even though I did them up tightly. This allowed unmetered air in resulting in a lean mixture and overheating. Once the motor cooled down it would let me restart it.

Grinding a few mm off of the bolts fixed the problem.

Good luck,


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