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Help....! which adaptor do i need :-/


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I know a few of you on here are radio guru's so I'm asking for a little help! I've a goldstar headset which I've had for some years and works well,I use a cheapy jing tong which has also proven to be a good little 2 meter! I'm at the stage to get another radio and the two choices are a yaesu 270 or a baofeng uv-5rc which my friend has just brought and is really good at tx and rx..my jing tong adaptor fits the baofeng perfectly but doesn't do anything..this is where I need you handy peeps!! Could someone paste a link here as to what adaptor id need to buy for the yaesu or baofeng...haven't decided which one yet!!

Thanks in advance 8)

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I have a Wouxun kg uv6d radio (same as the baofeng) and a motorcycle helmet headset fitted into the peltier cups of my paramotor helmet.

I bought an adaptor with the correct plug to fit the radio and cut off the other end. I also cut the original plug off the headset cable.

A bit of fiddling with a multimeter soon identified which wire was which from the headset, and the wiring for the Wouxun radio socket is available in the web.

Some slightly fiddly soldering and some heat shrink tube resulted in a tidy lead of appropriate length to connect to the radio in a top pocket.

Anything can be made to work if you fiddle with it enough.

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Thanks for your replies! I've given it to a mate who like his electronic malarky! He's asked me to find out what radio uses the same output plug as the baofeng uv5r+ eg yaesu,Midland,Kenwood etc etc my headset supplied in box has two pins and two bands around each pin..looking on the web it looks the same as the Kenwoods?! If that's the case then I need to find an adapter to suit a peltor headset..can't for the life of me remember where I got my jing tong adapter!!

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Found a great guy called James, sent my headset to him and was back within a few days and very cheap too..top guy, works a treat....can forward on full details if required. He does all sorts of mods plus also repairs props that are in a bad way, that bit is off topic but just in case :D

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