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Split "A,s" launch technique ?


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Good luck on getting the right wing. lol

Go for a good demo before you buy. Now that you have some idea of what you want it actually becomes harder to get the right fit.

I did some demos and still got the wrong wing the first time. Well maybe not they really sent me the wrong size. This can really impact the "right fit" too.


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From my experience the glider may horse shoe if you use both A's if the glider is laid out in a straight line and not like triangle. I only use the inner A's when launching both forwards and backwards.

I've seen pilots having problems with horse shoeing and told them to use only the inner A's and the glider launched perfectly, but one guy had only single A's and he's glider horse shoed and he got a line in the prop. So gliders with single A's need more care when laying them out so you get a triangular shape so that the center launches before the tips with good margin.

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My tandem has split A's and I grab both for a faster easier launch. Some other wing I have tried prefer just the centre A's and others it depends on the weather. Nill wind for example I would go for both sets of A's. Correctly laid out wing always helps.

Some wings like a V or horseshoe others prefer a more subtle curve.

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