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Left Turn Bias


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I have just sent this mail to Ozone, hoping they can help with my problem:

A question for you. I now have the Roadster, which I have flown for about an hour in varying wind speeds. I have a slight problem though. The wing always wants to turn left meaning I have to constantly fly with a small amount of right brake. When I come in for a throttle off landing it is worse, I am on about a third to almost a half right brake to keep it on a straight approach.

I have spoken to Kester at Parajet, he suggested applying a small amount of speed to the left trim, I have done this to about half of the trimmer out and it helped, but still not straight flight, even with throttle on for straight and level flight. I have tried weight shift to the right, but this does not work enough either.

I am flying a Zenith Moster which should naturally want to turn right not left..

Any suggestions gratefully received.....please..... its making my right arm ache after a 30 min flight !!

Can anyone here shed any light on the problem ???? :dive:

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Do you have a reserve mounted on the left swing arm by any chance, or are you a lighter framed gentleman?

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My reserve does run up the left side its front mounted though, and I weigh 85kg, so fly at the top end of the weight range for the wing, about 120kg all up..

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Have you flown this motor / harness with another wing?

In general belt driven motors have a right turn tendency at full throttle and clutch driven a left turn at full throttle. The more power available the bigger the torque turn effect. Some harness arrangements have built in compensation so engine off will see a slight turn to the opposite of the above.

Fixed hang systems like on the Flattop suffer more from torque turn.

Check line lengths comparing right to left. If all ok and you fly again check symmetry of your wing paying special attention to the trailing edge.

You shouldn't have to correct a turn that much if you are at correct weight for wing and motor power output.

Good luck and let us know.


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Most offsets are 'Aiming' at no torque @ level flight. This is based on a given weight.

If you are lighter than that given weight and require less power to fly level than the offset is designed for it will turn left.


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Thanks for the comments so far. The weather is looking good for a flight at the weekend so will get her in the air and check that trailing edge.

I've checked all of the lines left and right against each other. All appear the same length.

I'm getting to the point of taking it back to Parajet for them to look over closely and poss fly on my behalf..

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