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Thanks dudes, to be fair to the software guys they have had the real mare. Such a poor stroke of luck.

It may be that some of you still can not log in, I am posting this from the Paramotor club app.

And have not yet tried the site, they are still working on it at the moment.


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I couldn't login via the 'login' link on the right.

I could login by clicking on another link (eg 'full members' link in orange on the home page).

Great that the site is back.

All the best from New York!


Edited to add...

The 'renew subscriptions' link isn't working for me.... I'll check back in a while. Guess it may be associated with the recent problem?

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Ha ha, if only it were that simple.

Outside hosting is great until you start requiring software on the server which they don't have or decide to change. Also our support is 24/7 365.

We started out hosted on a run of the mill package but as soon as the site got busy it was slow and clunky and almost unusable. The package also tripled in cost in the first year.

Having our own server means we have 110% control over the data as well.

Big hosting companies are always targets for hackers who want to farm data, our software has prevented this from happening successfully

There are a number of other reasons to have our own server :-)


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Yea good point if you need software on the server that is different for sure.

I run mostly media/pictures for the e-store so I stay within the program for the most part. No one really bothers the e-stores anyways lol.

I see your point and issue. Shit if you where closer I could fill your shop with servers and storage. We have a few tons of great gear sitting doing nothing.

Just so you have an idea we have probably 2.5mil US worth of Netapps capable of hosting 500-700 tara worth of storage again doing nothing.

http://www.smartechconsulting.com/FAS96 ... Filer-Head

http://www.smartechconsulting.com/FAS98 ... Filer-Head



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Sad part..... Its never been used. It was ordered for a project that we scrapped. I have stacks and stacks of servers to. We could host 100 of these sites with this horse power.

We going through anther upgrade in the next year that will free up even more gear..... Its sad it just gets stripped and trashed.

To bad the schools here could not use it.

But if your ever looking for wesite storage pick up a netapp off ebay you will never have to worry about losing data again. We have close to a petabyte of it running globally.

http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid= ... &_from=R40

This is what oracle,google,yahoo etc all use for storage (just a ton bigger)

highly recommend it.

Get you swimming gear on lol

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