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Speed Comparison (Apco, Dudek and Ozone)

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Just thought I’d post this for anyone looking at gliders. I have a Dudek 29 & Ozone Speedster 26 and fly with and Apco Force 28 almost every Flight. I also fly with a bunch of others but they just don’t enter the speed area to be considered

First thing that is a bit shocking is the Ozone “speedster” is the slowest of the three for sure.

I fly the Ozone with the Apco almost every flight. I’m about 100- 105k all up and he’s about 117-120 all up so things are for the most part even. To keep up to the Apco in neutral I need to be half reflex. The Apco is considerably faster.

Now on the Dudek Nuc I’m a little underweight and all I have to do is add just a touch of reflex and I start to pass the Apco.

So after all this testing if I had a Dutek Nuc in 26 it would be the fastest of the three.

I have to say the Duduk’s glide is the worst but if you want speed it’s the glider.

Anyone else have the same experience?

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Like all this there is good and bad.

Now the speedster is the slowest for sure. I still believe its not full reflex glider. I’ve even done the full reflex full brake test and nothing happen. I would never do this on the Nuc. You can use the speed bar through the entire rage of reflex the speedster.

I do enjoy the Ozone for flying in lift. Due to the slow speed you can work thermals with ease I find the Nuc a little harder due to the speed.

But if you’re looking for a fast XC glider the Ozone is not the glider for you. I was going to sell the Nuc 29m but at 80 with a miniplane I come in right at 107-111kg (100 – 130kl Weight range* EN/LTF ).

I’m thinking of keeping it for XC type flights now.

I would love to have a 27m / 25m to rip around in.

If you have a nuc now and like the speed I would get another just smaller like a 25/27 to rip around in.


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