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Taking off from public spaces

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There is a huge open park (recreation ground with football pitches) very close to where I work, and it would make an ideal takeoff field. One end of it is rarely used by the public, so I was considering going there early in the morning / late in the evening for a fly. Is there any reason why I shouldn't?

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Sounds like good advice. From a purely legal standpoint though, is it ok to take off from public recreation grounds? I'm thinking about really early in the morning (4:30am) when there definitely won't be anybody about!

you will know when you come back in to land. :lol:

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Legality is probably down tom any local byelaws if there are any applicable. There's certainly no blanket ban on such activity and after all a sports ground is for sports! Having said that I think sticking to quiet times is sensible. I have the village cricket pitch next to my house and sometimes use it to fly RC models but only if it's quiet. I do plan to land or take off from there occasionally but only when I know I won't cause a fuss.

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In my experience, if you're visible then a quiet area can become busier as people come to watch you. I try to stay away from anywhere like that for this reason.

That's a very good point. you'd be surprised how quickly a crowd can gather, and they may unwittingly get in the way. I thought that landowner's permission was a necessity also....

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Hi all

I made the mistske of

flying on council fields when there open 8 till 5 only

been there ten mins when mister council

man came preaching do don'ts 5 million insurance health

safety didn't listen to a word i had to say never

flown from there since usually land there and disapeer


Cheers Gary

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I always launch and land in public areas...

Where I live there are many areas that are regarded as common land.

I used to always use the beach but your kit suffers badly due to sand, salt, twigs etc.

The public absolutely love watching take offs and landings..!!

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