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Dear All,

Can anyone give any advice on this paramotor & wing on ebay?

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pap-Black-Dev ... 19d605fcde

I am a complete newbie, approx 100kg so looks like it could be more than adequate for my weight. I haven't yet carried out any training whatsoever (apart from spending hour upon hour reading, looking at this website & gawping in awe at the vids on youtube) but was planning to do In March. If this was any good however I would probably be able to start training just after xmas & I feel it may be of benefit to train on the wing & machine that I will eventually fly without supervison.

Your comments & advice would be greatly appreciated, please feel free to shoot me down on this - I will not go ahead with the purchase without some good advice from some of you experts.

Many thanks in advance,

Craig. :wingover:

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Spotted this aswell, but it looks like we are in the same situation. I was told to wait and buy a GH wing and harness, and practise first. These bargains crop up ever so often, and there sure will be another when you go to buy. Don't try and jump into anything as i was told, and get training :) Thats what im doing anyway :L



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As a fellow newbie (but progressing through training) I can only reiterate what Stuart says; I know how hard it is to resist the temptation but you will waste your money buying either a motor or your primary wing before you know what is right for you.

I was in the exact same position a mere six months ago, and went through a period of bidding on a variety of second-hand "bargain"wings. I now realise how lucky I was not to buy any of them, because none of them would have been right for me (and some of them would have been dangerously unsuitable....)

I've been training through spring/summer, and I now own the perfect wing that will safely and reliably get me up into the air. And I look back now and wouldn't change a single thing.

Quality training and sound advice from experienced pilots are the quickest, safest, easiest and cheapest way of getting airborne. Sure, we all have the choice to buy the first "bargain"we see, strap it on, squeeze the throttle and take off into the wild blue yonder... we might even get airborne, and if we're really lucky we might get back on terra firma in one piece too.

Personally, I'm not interested in "mights"; I'm interested in becoming a pilot, and I understand there is a cost involved and a right way of doing it.

Don't buy it. In fact, stop looking. If you really really need to start spending money now buy The Paramotoring Bible 3, read it and learn it. Or a altimeter. Or a flying suit, or gloves, or a firkin windsock..... anything but a wing or a motor until you know what you're buying is suitable and safe for you.

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Many thanks gents, I'm just getting giddy, I've bought the bible 3, From The Ground Up, subscribed to Paramotor mag & all kinds of stuff but that was good advice - may be a good time to look for equipment & accessories rather than the actual gear itself.

Hope you've not just bid on the paramotor I showed you!! lol :D

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